Alternative process​ Van-Dyke print of a small sailboat at a dock   ···  


This is the online abode of Lobo Perdido Photography, the work of photographer Gerald Byrnes. Raised in New Mexico, based in Arizona for the past decade, and with years of travel experience throughout the western United States, my goal is to record the ephemeral quality of light associated with a location's unique sense of place. Every image is a chance for me to collect evocative, emotional visual ideas about the captured place and time. 

For more images grouped by subject, try looking under collections. There you'll find sailing images, natural and urban landscape photography, pet portraiture, commissioned assignments, and more.

Viper fleet start, AYC Leukemia Cup and Birthday Regatta, Feb. 2017​   ···  
ASU sailors cruising upwind through the traffic in Newport harbor​   ···  
ASU Sailing participating in a workshop in Long Beach, CA​   ···  
ASU Sailing recruiting at Passport to ASU​   ···  
Boom! Lightning storm over Albuquerque, NM as viewed from Sandia Crest at night​   ···  
July 4th Fireworks, Tempe, AZ​   ···  
Skyforms at sunset, from camp somewhere along Verde River​   ···  
​Sunrise, Avila Beach, CA   ···  
San Jose church in Los Ojos, NM, framed in front of the Brazos cliffs​   ···  
​Desert decay, decades in the desiccating elements   ···  
Post wedding bliss​   ···  
Scratch napping​   ···  
Long exposure of fire near Great Basin National Park​   ···  
USFS Wildland firefighter tribute to Granite Mountain Hotshots​   ···  
Coronado NF Crew 5 tribute to Granite Mountain Hotshots, detail​   ···  
Riding down ​Lake Mary Road on the ride from Flagstaff to Tempe   ···  
American flag flown ​aboard the Star of India, San Diego, CA   ···  
Riding from Flagstaff to Tempe​   ···  
Sunbeams falling in, framing items in windows​   ···  
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